IRS is able to adapt our systems to accommodate many unique requirements:

*  Fully plumbed filtration trailers with Air Tech to stand alone systems are available.

*  Flexibility to meet the site specifics on the fly while still maintaining necessary regulations.

*  Mobilize within the province to provide service for emergency situations usually within 2-24hrs.

*  Our equipment is constantly maintained, operated and certified as per Worksafe Regulations.

*  Additional equipment is available to respond to change of job scope (larger area, more crew, additional areas etc.).

 We have backup monitoring systems and the ability to monitor remotely if required.

*  We have been successful in ensuring no down time with our equipment while on job sites; we pride ourselves in having our systems ready well in advance of the time requested or for any requested changes as needed.

Our Goals

*  To supply a safe and compliant, clean Breathing Air System for crews working in compromised air quality situations.

*  To deliver and set up in timely manner.

*  To support overall job by working with other trades in a cohesive cost effective manner.